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JWS Repair Service LLC

In our 9th year we have serviced hundreds if not thousands of bikes and off-road equipment.

This is just a sample of some of the machines that have come through our shop for all kinds of service, regular maintenance, collision repair, engine/drive train rebuilds, full restorations, customization, upgrades, you name it, we can probably do it. 

We have a great relationship with a top-notch painter as well, he has some major skills and was even able to tackle jobs such as matching a pearl white trailer to the factory pearl paint on a Goldwing ( that was a 6 step paint job) all the way to duplicating the very unique UT orange on a Ninja.

We use a Coats rim clamp tire machine and computer spin balancing. One thing to note: we do NOT mount tires we do not sell, there are a couple of reasons for this

#1 SAFETY!! Some on-line retailers of discount tires do not disclose the fact that what they are selling are factory seconds and blemished tires, these are tires that do NOT pass their own inspection process, therefore we cannot accept liability for tire failures.

#2 See #1. We know this is supposed to be a fun business and it is, until tragedy strikes. Safety for our customers is our main goal, therefore, we do not support shady on-line discount tire retailers.

Speaking of tires, we do NOT use "balancing beads" I do not believe in this practice. The main question here is "how do you know exactly how many ounces a tire may or may not be out of balance merely by going by a chart that says for this size tire put in this amount of beads?" We can mount the same tire on the same wheel and just by shifting it's position the balance spot and amount will change, so if the chart says put in 2 ounces and your tire is only 1/2 ounce off, what happens to the extra?

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